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Moving Plants during a Move


Relocation sometimes can be the one thing that you cannot avoid. You may have to move from one neighborhood to another, one city to another, one state to another, or one country to another. In most of these moves, you can carry your plants along with you. A move from one country to another over a very long distance is the only move that may require you to leave your plants behind sometimes. For the other types of relocations, you can hire movers for the task. Your plants being a part of your household items, they will not be ignored. The company will facilitate the plant relocation. During the transportation, there are things to note and do for your plant for safe moving.


You can prune the plants that are bigger two weeks before the company moves them. This helps to control the size and make it easier to manage and pack.


How you water the plant will highly depend on the season. During summer, plants tend to lose water a lot faster. Therefore, you can water the plants in the morning before the move. Let the excess water drain then pack it. During winter, plants retain water for more extended periods. Therefore, water the plants two or three days earlier before you transport them.

Temperature regulation before moving

When it is a few days to the move, expose the plants to less sunlight as the days approach. Keep limiting the sunlight so that they can survive spending hours in the track. The sudden change of sunlight can be damaging. Do the same after unpacking. This trick mostly applies to the plants that are always kept indoors.

Use Sturdy Cardboard Boxes for Packaging

For the plants that are growing in small ceramic pots, use reinforced cardboard boxes to pack them. To strengthen it, add some tape on the bottom and sides of the boxes’ exterior. Also, create holes on the boxes that will serve as the ventilation system. Regular packaging boxes will not suffice because they are light. Therefore, when the car is moving, the pots will be pre-exposed to breaking more quickly.

Use Packaging Paper

Packaging paper enhances the safety of the pots so that they do not crack or break. If the pot is made of clay, use a layer moist packing paper first then a dry one. If it is ceramic, dry ones will suffice. Once you have wrapped them, design a top sleeve to cover the plants. Use a hard paper to create it. Position it over the pot and tape it down. If there are any taller plants, use stakes to support it and tie the leaves safely.

Positioning the Pots

As you arrange the pots into the cardboard, put them closer to each other. Doing so eliminates any chance of the plants tipping over during the move. Close your cardboard storage box and do not close the lid too tightly.

Label your Plants

Do not forget to label the package and indicate that it is fragile. If not, the movers will assume it’s any other household item and may not treat it with extra care.

Garden Plants

When moving garden plants, it’s a unique experience. This is because they are not planted in pots, but their roots run deep into the earth. Therefore, the process is a bit different. You will need to uproot your plants from the garden. Dig up everything including the root system of the plant. Without the roots, you will not be able to replant them. Wet the garden and use a shovel o carefully dig out all the roots without damaging them. Do not shed off the soil around the roots. Take the plants and put it in a plastic bag. If the soil is not wet enough, add a little water.

These are the things that you must do for your plants as you transport them. When you reach the destination, unpack them gently and place them in the respective place: indoors or outdoors. It may take a few days for the plant to recover from the journey, but they will improve eventually. Pamper them, and they will get back to normal. By following these guidelines, there is no reason why you will not have a safe moving experience with the help of movers.

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Thaddeus Simmons
Thaddeus Simmons
22 ene

I was so impressed with the care Toronto Office Movers company took when handling my plants during the move. They wrapped each pot securely and made sure that the delicate leaves were protected. My plants arrived in perfect condition.

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