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What Not to Pack During a Move

Planning and packing for a move in North Carolina, like any other state, can be tedious.

By now you may already have the checklist, the usual items including boxes, tape and you are almost ready to start packing everything and move. However, you need to hold for a moment. You need to know there are some items that you need to set aside. Some items are too valuable, fragile or hazardous to either leave your side or even be packed with the rest of the stuff. Some of these items should be left to the professional personnel from the moving company that will be facilitating the move, and some shouldn’t be packed at all.

Here are some of the things you shouldn’t pack:


Foods and products that are likely to go bad should not be packed. You will find that most of these foods will need to be removed from the fridge or freeze, therefore increasing their chances of going bad. You are better off donating such commodities to a food bank or throwing it out if you cannot eat everything up by the time you are ready to move.


You need to be careful not to pack flammable items such as paints, gasoline, and aerosols. You can check with the hazardous waste organization in Fayette, North Carolina on how to dispose of such items. Hiring a competent moving company will ensure that you don’t have to go through the whole trouble.


Your valuables are something you want to keep next to you during the move. Valuable items include jewelry, securities, and valuable papers. These should either be in a safe or in a safe deposit box at a bank. You can get these transferred to a bank closer to your new home when you settle down.


If you are moving beyond North Carolina, you may want to check with the state you are going to. Most states don’t allow plants to come in from other states and even your moving service provider may not be able to legally transport them for you.

You also need to ask the moving company whether they can move plants and determine whether you are better off handling these yourself. However, in the case you are legally allowed to move plants, check out some tips before you start packing up your leafy greens.


You need to ensure that you can carry your medications safely. Avoid packing them with the rest of the stuff. Check with your pharmacist and the vet to ensure you can handle everything properly or you can get them transferred for you.


Explosive substances and equipment like guns, fireworks, and explosives like dynamite are to be checked in with the local police. It is important not to leave these unattended to when preparing to move. You don’t want horrible things happening just when you are transitioning to better things.

What to do?

Most of the other stuff in your home can be shipped by the moving company. You need to ensure that some of the things you will need immediately on arrival like change of clothes, personal effects and kitchenware are easily accessible or carried in your own vehicle.

Make sure you have bubble wrap and boxes to ensure that your items are securely packed before loading to the vehicles. Or, if you don’t want to think about the packing at all, use a packing service and they’ll do all the thinking and packing while providing all the materials!

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